Department of Revenue Services State of Connecticut 25 Sigourney Street Ste 2 Hartford CT 06106-5032 CERT-141 Rev. 03/09 Contractor s Exempt Purchase Certi cate General Purpose Contractors for the repair alteration improvement remodeling or construction of real property use this certi cate to purchase materials and supplies to be installed or placed in a project being performed under contract with an exempt entity. The words Exempt under CERT-141 satisfy the requirement. case the box marked...
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Who needs the Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate?

The Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate is the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services form also labeled as CERT-141. The given Exempt Purchase Certificate is designed to be used by contractors hired to provide services of repairing, alteration, improvement or construction of real property when they need to buy materials and supplies to be used for a project performed under a contract with an exempt entity. In  this case, all the purchased and materials and supplies placed or installed are to remain in the project on its completion as a tangible property. If the tangible personal property is not used as described, a contractor who claimed an exemption owes use tax on the total price of the tangible personal property.

An exempt entity is a person eligible to purchase tangible personal property exempt from sales and use taxes according to the provisions indicated in the instructions.

Is the CERT-141 Form accompanied by any other forms?

No, there is no need to supplement the filled out form CERT-141 by any additional documents. However, all the items purchased must be comprehensively described. If there isn’t enough space on the form to doso, additional sheets should be attached to the Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate.

When is the CERT-141 due?

The Exempt Purchase Certificate does not have a defined deadline for submission, it  should be filed when the situation requires.  Yet, there is a period during which the form must be retained by the parties (the purchaser and the seller), it comprises at least six year after the date of its issue.

How to fill out the  Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate CERT-141?

The following information is required to complete the certificate form:

  • The exempt entity’s details (name, legal address, Connecticut Tax Registration Number (or the proper explanation for its absence), FEIN;
  • The project’s address;
  • Type of exempt entity;
  • The purchaser’s details (name, legal address, Connecticut Tax Registration Number (or the proper explanation for its absence), FEIN;                       
  • The seller’s details (name, legal address, Connecticut Tax Registration Number (or the proper explanation for its absence), FEIN;            
  • A written description of all the purchased items;
  • Whether its is a blanket or one-purchase certificate.

Finally, the CER-141 Form must be signed and dated by the purchaser.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing cert 141

Hello this is Wes fryer today is March the 10th 2016 and this is a screencast to show you how you can create custom certificates for like professional development credit or something else when you are doing a conference like we just had an IDI camp here in Oklahoma City or some other kind of an event so what you're seeing on the screen right now is an example of one of the emailed PDF certificates that was sent to one of our participants Jamie Ross this is the email message that was sent it was a template email but when you are clicking here on the attachment you notice that it actually says the person's name and it has their hours filled in so this is like a mail merge except it's with email and it's sending a PDF document which is kind of cool so the way that you do this with a Google sheet and a Google Form is by using this awesome free add-on which is called autocrat aut OCR 80 and autocrat is 100% free and what you're going to need in order to do this basically are two different things besides autocrat so you're gonna install autocrat on your Google accounts and you're using the Chrome browser to do this and you're going to need both a you know template of what you're going to use for your certificate and then you're going to need your form so this is the Google document that we used and you cannot use with autocrat currently a Google slideshow or Google presentation it's got to be a document so the way I created this I went ahead and pasted in this graphic and then turned wordwrap on so that the text would be over here on the side and then change the font in the size you can see over here I have these carrots I guess they are less than symbol and and or greater than symbol and less than symbol or whatever you have those surrounding where you want your mail merge items to be so in this case we were just putting in the person's name and putting in the number of hours that they were saying they spent at Edie campuses Self Serve professional development certificate then behind this is simply shape you can insert shapes into the into well no I guess it's just a text box in it so it's it's no was it when I click on see oh there yeah and you can change the size of them see I haven't done this that much how did I put that in I think I just put it in by putting in a text box than putting it behind and then changing the width of the border I think that's how I did that okay so we got a certificate that's step one or that what's called demo certificate so let's next go over to our google form so over here I just made a copy of the form that we had made previously for for ED camp so you can yet ask all the questions that you want you know whatever just make sure that somewhere you're asking for the person's email address okay because if you don't get their email address you're not going to be able to send them an email and we didn't actually do this but you can come down here and turn on data validation and so you can say this is going to be text and...